Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Using a Gelli Print

 Last weekend, which was a long one here in Canada, we had spectacular weather, exceptionally warm. I retreated to the studio for a bit of sewing. I wanted to use one of my Gelli prints to demonstrate how one might be use them  following a workshop.

I made a small needle case following this tutorial. 

I made mine just slightly smaller. Oh, and it is perfectly straight, it photographed that way because I wasn't holding it open.

On Saturday, we drove up to Mount Car;ton, a provincial park in central NB. It really is in the middle of nowhere. There are spectacular climbs to the highest peaks in NB, with beautiful views for miles around. Thank goodness, we did those climbs while I ws able.

This time, we took our kayaks, and paddles Lake Nictau where we stopped for lunch on a small island. The water although deep and quite elevated was still beautifully warm.

I couldn't resist a few leaps into the deep waters. I haven't done it in years; it was so much fun!

 It is so pretty and quiet there.

After kayaking, we sat a the beach where I sketched and we ate supper.

 On the really hot muggy day, Monday, I only emerged from my studio around 3:00PM when we went to the beach for a swim. Amazing that on September 7th we were swimming in the Bay and the water was nice.

Today, I've been cutting pieces for a small kit for a zippered bag that I can take on retreat next week at the Portage Lake cabins which are on the way to Mount Carlton.

I've used another two little pieces from my Gelli prints that will go on the front sides and cut matching batiks for the rest.

The rest of the time, I've been working away on my latest birch piece.

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Kate said...

Your gelli prints are really nice. Another thing to add to my bucket list, to try!

Jo Ferguson said...

Sometimes the middle of nowhere is the perfect place to be. Love both the needle case and the fabrics for the zippered case.

Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...

Those leaf prints you are going to be working with at a retreat are eye catching. I look forward to seeing the zipper bag. Thanks for including the pic of you jumping in the lake. 'Enjoying life' it seems.