Saturday, September 26, 2015

A beautiful cool fall day

It is a fall day just how I like it, sunny, coolish and great for a bit of outdoor work. I came home from a visit to our little downtown market this morning and sat to a nice lunch of fresh salad greens, sardines, and a slice of whole grain artisan bread with goat cheese.

With my tea I did a sketch of a feather that I found yesterday. That's two feathers found I n three days and I also dreamed of feathers. I wonder what it could mean.

Hubby is gone for the day to a golf tournament which means im on my own for supper. Yippee! Before leaving, he very thoughtfully gathered all the tools for me that I would need to work on another little 2 foot patch of the walkway to the back door. I mentioned that I might like to work on it this afternoon. With the pinched nerve in my back it's hard for me to drag things around the yard.


The little stone top right isn't set to go in there. It's holding the cloth for now. I've got them pretty well fitted and levelled. My husband will lug some sand and spread it over the seams.

I'm sitting with ice packs as I write! We'll see how the back and legs feel tonight. I may do another small section before the ground freezes.

Just after lunch I cut up some yellow zucchini and julienned some carrots to make my favourite Vietnamese style pickles .

They are light tasting, made with rice vinegar, a dash of maple syrup, herbs and garlic. Poured directly into the jar. It will keep about two weeks. I eat them up fast!

Now for the next few hours I can knit, read, or sew, whatever I feel like. We'll see.

I'm wishing you a nice weekend wherever you are in the world.



Mystic Quilter said...

This is a real mouth-watering post Holly! Your lunch sounds delicious and the pickles also and I would love the recipe with quantities etc. if you wouldn't mind sending to me.
Your stone path is coming along, hope the ice -pack eases the back.

Jo Ferguson said...

They say that feathers represent the spirit or the soul. They also carry the qualities of the bird their from. I think the feather was the perfect touch for your drawing. I hope you didn't have too much pain after working on your stone path.

Verna G said...

Lots of interesting things you are doing! I would also like the pickel recipe . perhaps you might post it?
Verna G

Mereknits said...

I always think feathers are a small gift form the Universe and I found a small white one today. I have a whole jar of them and I really just love all the different shapes and sizes. take good care of yourself and not to much bending!