Monday, September 14, 2015

More Gelli printing

On Saturday, while my husband went golfing, I decided to play a bit more with the Gelli doing some leaf prints.

I simply rolled some fabric paints onto the Gelli, added a bit of texture and then laid on some pressed leaves. Then I laid the white fabric on top and rubbed, transferring as much paint as possible to the fabric..

Once you've pulled the first print and lifted the leaves off the mold, there is some paint left.  A rubbing made onto this is called a ghost print. The paint around the leaves was already transferred to the fabric but most of the the paint underneath the leaves remained.

The next one is also done the same way but this time I added paint to the back of a leaf with a foam brush and pressed it onto the ghost print.

Here I did a print from the Gelli with the leaves as a mask and then printed with the painted leaves afterwards.

I have already picked out a few matching fabrics for a small piece- a mug rug, I think-and packed it up to take with me tomorrow to my 3rd annual retreat at Portage Lake with my son's fiance"s mom, Glenda.

We are planning to work on a Halloween quilt which we've both been cutting the fabric for, but I always like a couple of small things to relieve the monotony of chain piecing. I'm not good at that.

I've got most things packed and ready to go in the morning ,except I'm shortly going to go cut up squash and vegetables to roast-- some of which I'll leave for hubby. We like to have our meals prepared ahead so we can sew! We've got lots of fresh veggies, fruit, treats, and baked ham and chicken for meals.

I took a little break after lunch, to sit and add a few more meandered background leaves to my birches.

I'm ready now to layer on the final appliqued birches and get onto the foreground. Love that part. Sorry, I can only show a little snippet of this one.

At the cabin, we will have no phone or internet, nor TV nor radio. It's quite lovely really. Quiet  with a beautiful view. The weather looks good so we'll be able to take out tea and coffee out to the deck. I always bring a camera and my sketchbook too.  It's only a couple of days but very worth it.


Sandi said...

Very nice, I love the Orange/red maple leaves particularly. They are all lovely. Enjoy your retreat.

Jo Ferguson said...

They all turned out beautifully, I still can't pick a favourite. Love what you're showing us of the birch trees.

Mereknits said...

The leaves are just gorgeous Holly.
Have fun.