Monday, December 22, 2014

The Rocks

My gifts are all mailed out, no need to bake as we are leaving, minimal decorating done. I love it! This is why I could go into my studio after lunch to work a little more on my rocky hillside. It does seem like it is taking me forever. I'm sure you'll all be totally bored in the end. At the same I was trying-- mostly unsuccessfully -- to trouble shoot some computer problems. I did at least get the upload for my camera working, but not the I Pod nor the I Pad. I was trying to sync some music. I gave up for now.

I know it looks like I haven't added much. I've been working on the foreground snow and rocks fusing and cutting.

It all looks pretty flat and boring right now; I'm only hoping it will improve with thread painting. I must be crazy! In the end it will not match rock for rock, as it is too confusing when the pieces are all so small.

And even worse, once I finish getting all these pieces cut and arranged, I still want to fuse on some of the dark shadows.

A few of my favorite Santas. From left to right, I made 3 (pottery), 4 (Painted canvas), 5 (driftwood), and 8 (stuffed painted canvas).

I will be away until sometime next week.


MILLY said...

Hope you enjoy your break away and have a good Christmas. I enjoyed seeing all your photographs of the birds. A wintery scene with the snow, very pretty view from your window.
In answer to your question, there is a lot of colours in the inks but I seem to use about six. As I mix them just the same as paints. My colours are earthy so green, yellow ochre, red, blue and sepia and a white, they mix well and dilute with water. As inks they are brighter than watercolours, similar to acrylic paints.
Your subject matter will be your guide to your colours.
Hope that helps.

Eileen said...

I have every confidence you will succeed at your 'rocks' piece. You are good at considering values.

Mereknits said...

Nothing you make could ever look flat and boring!
hugs to you and have a wonderful trip and Christmas,

rtquilter said...

Looking wonderful Holly! Merry Christmas!