Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tiny things

I've not been the most frequent poster lately. It has been due to my illness and my on going application for disability. I do not want to bore anyone with the details other than to say that I have a constant daily struggle to get up, get moving and to stay in a decent frame of mind. The combination of things that I am struggling with are Addison's, diabetes, hypothyroidism and gastro paresis. There are days when the biggest battle for me is to just keep going and keep busy and not resort to the sofa curled up under a blanket which I really have to do sometimes. The gastro paresis is causing me a lot of pain in case anyone else out there is suffering with the same thing I'd love to hear form you.
Also, I look outwardly well when in fact I do not feel well most of the time. I probably complain more that I should. My life has changed drastically from what it was. Just a year and a half ago I was working full time and keeping busy with my husband at such sports as downhill skiing, although the physical signs were there.
I have had to leave my job of a dozen years which I really enjoyed. I feel lonely at times and useless at others, especially when I have a hard time to even put a meal on the table.
For my regular readers this is why sometimes you'll see that I accomplish quite a bit and other times I am silent and may only have some little things to show.
I am very lucky to have my art to keep me going and inspire me even some days when it may be just the tiniest things that I do.
I am for example making  a little project for Easter. You may have seen the little chicks that I did last week. I found these tiny crocheted flowers on one of my favorite blogs here and I thought they'd be just the thing to make into a garland along with the chicks. I've got 2 more chicks cut if I can get to them.

Another little project I am working on  is this felted sewing kit. My green one was made by my  friend Nicole. It contains needles, pins, thread, a thimble, scissors and many other useful sewing items. When I have any kind of project on the go, I need only grab it and I have everything I need. I am making the turquoise one as a gift from a kit that I also got from her. It occurred to me while I was taking pictures of the 2 projects laid out together, that the little crocheted flowers would be cute on the front of the sewing kit.

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Lana C. said...

Holly, I am going thru the same disability process. Addison's, for some people, can be devastating on their sense of "normal" life. I just read a medical journal report that said Patients with Addison's going into disability follow a patient most closely with Cogestive Heart Failure. WOW. They are finding that Addison's patients, but primary and secondary, do severely worse than they originally thought they would. I should have applied years ago, but I kept working and going downhill even faster. It's such a rare disease, difficult for most people to understand. I've had so many close calls with it that I am truly thankful to be alive. Keep it up during the process, it's needed.

Lana C.