Friday, April 8, 2011

Our local shop-- Chal Baie.

It's been another one of those weeks. I've not only not had time to sew much, but also, neither have I  had time to write. I've been squeezing in lots of hand sewing, adding tags and all the finishing touches to my things so that I could take them to the shop downtown that opened this week for the summer. Here they displayed temporarily..

I saw my doctor again yesterday and was prescribed metformin for my blood sugar swings, so now I'm on diabetic, thyroid and adrenal medication. I do seem to feel better today though.
I made an interesting soup that I thought I would share. Spring is the time of year when one starts to think about using up some of the freezer stash to make way for the fresh produce that will soon be coming to our markets.  This is why I made fiddle head soup. I started by sauteeing chopped onion, garlic, celery, and parsnip.

Then, I added water, the fiddle heads, and some organic vegetable broth. I found one recipe that had rice added instead of white potatoes (they are high in sugar). I used brown rice. I never measure.

Once everything has simmered for about 20 minutes, I let it cool and then put it in the blender. I will freeze it in jars. When I heat it up, I use rice or soy milk to thin it some.

 This is a picture of something that is on my bucket list. Some will think I'm crazy. It will have color added eventually and will not be quite as dark. It is a unique piece of art work done by an artist inspired by my own sketches. It is about 7 inches high and is located on my right leg just above my ankle. You will be able to see it much better once the color is added in a few weeks.


Dolores said...

Love those little quilty projects you put in the shop. I don't think I could ever get a tattoo. It's a bit too permanent for me.

Lana C. said...

Holly, you are FUN! I can't wait to see updates with the tattoo. I don't have one, but my family has had its share of meaningful ink. My name is on my husband along with the names of our daughters. Tell us the meaning, when you get time.

Lana C.