Wednesday, November 17, 2010

spa day

I'm feeling as though I've not been the most inspiring or inspired of late, especially on my blog. It is partly due to the fact that I am working quietly away on some Christmas gifts which I cannot show since it is mostly family and friends who view my blog. This is why I've been taking pictures of other people's quilts when I can. Here is one that I took yesterday at my friend Susan's where I spent the day. It is made of a scrappy assortment of Christmas flannels. She plans to sew one more border on of a red print.

Today, I finally got back to the Auberge (it's been almost 2 weeks) for my swim and sauna. I forgot how good it felt. The pool has salt water and is pleasantly warm. I do some lengths, relax in  the sauna, and finally go in the whirlpool. It feels just as good as a massage by the time I'm done. I had a couple of errands and then this afternoon I tried to finish my 2 cushions. This is what is so frustrating about living in a place where the nearest fabric store is 1/2 hour away. I know for big city dwellers it doesn't sound like much but I try to do the trip when I have a list. So, I needed muslin for the back of the pillows and thought I'd be smart and use up an old flannel blanket. Even with spray paste and pinning I still managed to get some tucks in the back while free motion quilting. Oh well, I didn't rip it out. No one will see it. I managed to finish  quilting one, but I ran out of brown thread on the free motion quilting and cannot finish without it. I finished the first pillow anyway and will have to wait for the thread for the 2nd one..

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