Sunday, November 14, 2010

finally a nice weekend

Yesterday, since it was so warm, Gord and I spent the day doing yard work. We raked leaves, tied up bushes, cut  back perennials, and even put up Christmas lights. I always wait until December but it sure was nice to take my time to nicely arrange the strands on the bushes instead of my usual rush to do it in the cold of December. We won't be turning them on yet though.
The temperature today was colder, but it was sunny and a nice day for a walk. We chose a mountain bike and cross country trail system that is only a few minutes from our house. I walk with poles which I must recommend for anyone with vertigo or bad knees or hips. They really help as well to give some exercise to the upper body, and thus they also help keep my hands from swelling which happens to me if I don't use them. One trail circles the pond pictured below. It  is part of our city's reservoir system. Can you see the thin film of ice beginning to form on the surface? It seems early.

 I do like winter but I'm not ready yet. I've been lost in a fog somewhere as it seems fall just got started. The leaves are almost all off the trees now. I love the softer grays and beige that paint the trees now that the leaves are gone, and it is fun to see all the bird nests revealed.

The only thing I'm sewing at the moment is these 2 wonky Courthouse Step blocks that I made with Daisy Jane fabrics that I ordered last spring. I think I will make 2 pillows for my sofa. I need to square them up,  back them and free motion quilt them first.

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Exuberant Color said...

it's too early for ice! The leaves did fall fast from the trees this year. I like the bare branches in the winter too, very graphic.