Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm off for a day of appointments, lunch and errands. I'm pondering this wall hanging trying to figure out the next step. I may need to add some strips in between to account for different size blocks. Which color is best I wonder. I'm leaning toward the mossy green with dots, but then I have the one block with the turquoise. Do i change its turquoise border? I will play some more as I'm thinking that I could change just 2 of the mossy green strips on the fist example below to turquoise and add a 1 inch border of the turquoise as an accent before I add the mossy green final border.
The second example with the turquoise running together doesn't work for me.


Debbie said...

Love this wall hanging. I like the 2nd with the turquoise strips, and your idea about mixing the filler strips to turquoise and moss green. Have you considered a narrow filet strip using your darker border color around the block framed with turquoise? That might be the balance and punch it needs.

Dolores said...

Sometimes it is frustrating auditioning fabrics and settings. Sometimes it's fun. I hope it's fun for you.

Exuberant Color said...

Both have possibilities but I say keep playing.