Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have snippets of time to sew only snippets of fabric, but that's life isn't it? Art, sewing, and crafts, are a necessity to me, but as I've said before it is the process, not the finished product. I love to be in the moment and creating - if I get 20 minutes, a half hour or an hour, then I'm happy. To-night, even though I was tired, I managed to pack a lunch for my husband (he's had to work the last couple nights), clean the kitchen, and do a load of wash. Then I came into my sewing room, put the I Pod on and finished 2 more little blocks. I thought I might make a pillow, but may change my mind. I'm thinking on it. I'm open to some ideas.
All day today I was thinking of my paper cloth and how I might paint it, so I headed to my drawing table to put a coat of brown on it after I drew on some tree shapes with a silver paintstick. I'm not sure how that's going to turn out, and I didn't take a picture since it's still wet.

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