Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the slopes

I finally was feeling well enough to get away for a day of skiing yesterday. Today turned out to be the better day weather wise, but one can never be sure, and we were ready to go yesterday. There were snow squalls at Amqui for most of the day, so there was about 6 inches of fresh snow. This would be heavenly for some- my husband, for example- for me though, it's difficult. It was lovely to get out though. I was struck but the irony of this sign on one of the trails. It says Paradise in French.
Oh my aching joints! It kept me awake off and on in the night and I awoke early. I was too stubborn to take anything for my pain. The good side of it was that I had more time to relax and do some sewing.
Around noon I went to visit a quilting friend where I cut the pieces for a pillow I've wanted to make ever since i got the little charm pack that I ordered from Malka Dubrawsky before Christmas. then I was so excited that I came home and out one of the blocks together. They're about 5 inches square and I will do four for the pillow.

As if that wasn't enough- amazing what a little pain will do for you- I even went to my drawing table and made a piece of paper cloth following the directions of Kelly Perkins in her book Stitch Alchemy. I bought that before Christmas too and just haven't had the time to try it. It needs to dry now and later I will add some paint color to it. Supper is calling to me. I just took a pork tenderloin in a chutney sauce from the oven along with baked potatoes.

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