Friday, January 1, 2010

Quiet day

I spent today relaxing and just being quiet. I made tea when I first woke up and read in bed for awhile. After a simple breakfast of fruit and yogurt salad and eggs, I put my little tree and my ornaments away.
I was anxious to get outside since we've been away and I also haven't felt up to much. My husband G. and I went snowshoeing at a slow pace for about an hour. It was just the right temperature; I always where a mask with mesh over my mouth for my breathing. It was so peaceful; I really needed it. Nature is my spiritual place.
This nest was near the trail.I love the stillness here.
This afternoon I finally spent some time in my studio to work on this wall hanging. I added the moon and the tree on the right. You can see the pins holding some Angelina fibers around the moon as I haven't decided if I'll add them or not.

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