Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blue skies and crispy air

What a beautiful winter day it is out there today, even though the temperature has dropped somewhat from earlier this week. Our outdoor thermostat says -8.5c right now, but the skies are blue for a change. I'm finally feeling like I'm starting to surface form my stupor; I got out for a short walk in the woods yesterday and a 40 min walk today. It was slow going, but oh so nice to get out!
This morning I got this picture of a blue jay at our heated birdbath which is right outside my kitchen window. I love the color.
Though I was home sick for a couple days this week, I didn't do much more than read and knit which really is what I was supposed to be doing after all. Yesterday, I put in a little time on the sewing machine cover that I started last weekend. I've quilted the front, and what you can see in the picture below also has the section that will run across the top and down the sides. It is the section at the top of the photo with the garland of folky flowers. It will probably take me another weekend or so to finish, especially if I get back enough energy to go downhill skiing some weekend. It's not a race though is it? I keep reminding myself to work at my own pace. It is the process I enjoy- that's why I do it. I may do a little more today but maybe not. I want to do some yoga, and I may take some time after dinner to-night to play some Wii with my husband.

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imquilternity said...

Wonderful bird photo! Wow!