Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Swoon blocks

Being primarily a fiber artist, I’m particularly slow at doing bed quilts. I made one of these swoon blocks a year ago and I just now finished a second one, lol. They are 24”. My thinking is they would make a nice twin to throw size Quilt for my mom who has just moved into assisted living.

I was planning on 3 blocks. I would kind of liked to quit now and put them together as a medallion with simple borders so I can finish it sooner. The burgundy fabric stands out in value though. I may need a 3rd block for balance.

I’m hopefully heading to PEI where my mom resides tomorrow if the storm eases up. I’m truly hoping it is the last big snow storm; I know we’ll have more snow. Besides sewing, I’ve been making bread, washing clothes and packing.

We do try to make the best of our winters! My husband keeps his ‘golfing range’ with net going all winter and spring until the course opens.

The evenings are brighter wisince the time change and it’s nice to get out more after supper.

It’s hard to believe this snow will be gone by June.

My latest knitting project is almost done.

Lest you think I’m pretty slow getting it done, I have 2 other things on the needles. I like easy socks to take to my knitting group and I’m finishing a sweater for my grandson. I alternate projects depending on mood, attentiveness and soreness of finger. 

Does anyone else do that? Based on my group of knittters, I know I’m not alone.


Mystic Quilter said...

Loved seeing the photo of the golfing range!! My goodness what a lot of snow, the drifts are huge!!!
Nice colour mix in your knitting - and your Swoon blocks too, I like to have a few projects on the go with my quilting, only problem is I seem to end up with too many.

Anonymous said...

Love the golfing with the winter backdrop...oh...I love the quilting too ;). I too have different projects at different times. Enjoy your trip!