Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Finishing birch trees

Life hasn’t smoothed out much since my last post. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the I Pad, and on my phone texting and talking, acting as an information gatherer about different homes and care levels for my mom and acting as a go between with siblings. Some bothersome things have been happening with my mom who is pre Alzheimer’s and we are still in the midst of finding our way.

When I do have some time, I’ve found it hard to settle and relax into some stitching.  Because of the lousy weather and my on going back issues, I can’t get out for my exercise either. I’m a bit antsy.
Such is life.
I pushed myself to go in my sewing room for a while this afternoon and finish a piece. I’d like to call it Sister Birches. It just popped into my head. I feel an affinity for trees when I’m out on the trail and I’ve heard a lot of scientific talk about their actual abilities to sense other trees and their needs. Anthropomorphizing like in certain movies that I’m fond of  may be too much but thinking of them as living breathing entities appeals to me.

I’m done. Of course while it sits, I can ponder it and add any little details before adding the binding. I’ve tacked it up with the only possible fabric I could find here in my stash.  I will wait to cut it as I’ll be in a Quilt shop this weekend and I’ll take with me.

While all the family things are happening, I’m giving myself permission to sit and knit (and even out on a tv!) when I need to relax. Besides my usual socks, I’m making a toque with a Noro yarn with a wool, acrylic and silk combination.

Take time to do what you need for yourself.


Quilting Tangent said...

So lifelike - wonderful.

Robbie said...

Your quilt is wonderful!!!!

Angela said...

Your birches are lovely

sherry said...

lovely birch trees ... i love noro yarn but can not wear wool but love to knit