Friday, December 29, 2017

Stitching little sewing kits

Well Christmas has come and gone and so has my little grandson and family. It made us very sad; we are about 4 hours drive away but it could be worse. We had fun after a fresh snow playing on a little sliding hill we made after a fresh snow.

What a happy little guy. Who doesn’t love baby giggles!
We had a blizzard on Christmas Day and stayed cozied up inside eating, opening a few gifts, and playing. My son and his fiancé got up for a quick visit before the weather got too bad. This pic of my son with his fiancé with our grand puppies was taken at her home not far from here.

After all the company left we went into a cleaning frenzie which took most of the day. 
Yesterday, despite the frigid temperatures, we went snowshoeing. Once you’re warmly dressed and in the woods away from the wind it is comfortable. With the fresh snow it is so beautiful. 

I’ve been thinking about my studio and itching to do a little sewing. Every year around this time, I take stock ( as many of you probably do) of all my unfinished projects. My shoe box of gift items was almost empty so I wanted to finish a couple of sewing kits. I had some in various stages left from my Quilting Arts Magazine October/November 2016 article.

I needed to cut a lining and a couple of pockets for the inside. 

They’re a bit fiddly because of the bits of Velcro I add for closure. I’d hoped to sew assembly line style but then realized that they were different colors and really needed matching threads. 
I finished one.

There is a piece of wool stitched along the center for needles.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping for more snow shoeing and more sewing. 

Happy New Year!


Dolores said...

Family time is always special - especially when it includes little ones.

Mereknits said...

I have been cleaning and sorting out Christmas, so glad that is done. Now I am sitting down reading blogs with a cup of tea. So glad you holiday went well, your grandson is adorable.