Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Decorating and stamped stitched poinsettias

Last Friday in a small burst of slightly freezing rain, I had a nasty slip on my concrete front steps which necessitated a trip to emergency.  I was very lucky to have no broken bones but extensive bruising and pain as I hit four steps all the way to the bottom.
On Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t move much; I watched a movie each afternoon and did some knitting.

I’m making a size 4 sweater for Ollie in merino wool.

Yesterday, I got out for a couple errands. I can’t stand or sit for too long.

Today, I visited my mother in law at lunch time. I made muffins and I started to put out a few ornaments. We’ve had a wee bit of snow. Tonight we’re supposed to get snow, then freezing rain and rain. I’m hoping for a snow cover before Christmas. We bought a little sled for Our grandson, Ollie.

We enjoy these snowflake lights all winter on our back deck. My husband set them to come on at dusk and off at 10. We really enjoy them at supper. As winter passes it’s interesting to note how the turn on time gets a little later each week.

The snowflake table topper was featured in a Quilting Arts magazine issue several years ago.

I switched out my yearly cushion covers for my poinsettia ones which I made a couple years ago. They are monoprinted, free motion stitched and quilted.

Last year I started a runner. It only needs to be sandwiched and quilted. Maybe I’ll envelope it for speed.

I used a craft foam stamp for the poinsettias.


Sally Hurley said...

Ouch! I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself worse!

Your knitting is pretty - I like the color, too.

Robbie said...

Holy smoke! You are so lucky to not have broken anything! My bud in Florida fell in he kitchen and has a broken hip and shoulder!!!! Do take care...love your Christmas table tops and runners! Very nice!

rtquilter said...

My goodness, Holly! Welcome to MY world! I fell on 23 Aug and have not had a single day since without SOME sort of headache! I do NOT recommend concussion! LOVE the pics of little Ollie! We are off soon to visit OUR Oliver and baby bro, Marty. We need an "upper" just now and that should do it! Also loving your pretty poinsettias!I have not done much toward Christmas yet but SHALL get to it! Happy Christmas to YOU and yours!