Friday, November 17, 2017

Life happens

We roll along in life when things are good, not always appreciating it, although I definitely feel I try, and then sometimes life gives us a swift kick. That has been our week. I got sick with weird symptoms - sore back, neck and headache that awakened me in the night which was ccompanied by a high fever and feeling of unwell. After the 5th day, I saw the doctor who sent me to hospital right away for tests and ct scan. Even though nothing showed up, I still had a fever; it was coming down though. The doctor could only conclude that I picked up some weird virus that I may have been more susceptible to with my lowered immune system. Whew! It was scary.

I’ve been forced to slow down. Heck, I laid out flat for a couple days! This quilt has been sitting in a closet for a couple years unbound. I got the binding on before I got sick, luckily, so I could start hand stitching it down. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo. It’s too dark now to retake.

When I felt better, I finished the quilting on a Gelli print and then put together the pyramid pouch yesterday.

I always wanted one made with my own artwork.

It makes me smile. I often make for everyone else which is fun; but sometimes we need a little gift to ourselves.

I wasn’t even up for my yoga or lunch with friends today. I did have to go out for a couple things. It was pretty messy.

My husband’s flight to Labrador did make it out and safely there, thank goodness. He sent a puck with snow and said he’d arrived at the North Pole as there was no snow here when he left. I sent this one back.  And it’s his 60th birthday. I gave him a lazyboy before he left. We’ll do something later.  Another close family member is also suddenly facing some challenges. Again, what a week.

I’ve been cutting scrappy strips for a baby quilt, definitely a happy thing.

It’s from the Missouri Star Quilt co. And that sketch is the whole quilt  not just a block.

I’m cutting lots of 2 1/2” strips for the center that is made from 4, 16 patch blocks. I want it scrappy. This will leave strips for another quilt, not such a bad thing.

Of course there’s been some knitting going on too.

An over the shoulders cowl made with 2 fine yarns held together.

It looks larger and brighter than in real life. The basket is very small. The color is more of a very soft heather.

And here is the book that I read. I’ve put off reading it for a while, not sure if I’d like it but I did. A good read.

I picked up a salad and some cooked, frozen shrimp, an easy supper. Think I’ll find a movie and stitch on that binding.
Have a great weekend!


Janice Smith said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Your pyramid pouches are truly lovely.

Robbie said...

Happy you are on the mend!!! Really like your pyramid bag! Looks like a mug fits in it! Yea! Nice

Sally Hurley said...

Weird viruses are seriously no fun. Keep feeling better!

Your pyramid pouch is really cool.