Saturday, November 25, 2017

Auditioning a binding

Finally, I’ve decided to call it enough. I’ve got my waterfall steamed and pinned to a foam block and I’m auditioning some fabrics for the binding.

I may be leaning towards the one on the right above and below with the dots.

I’m considering the darker one, bottom right as well.

It’s funny though; when I view it on my screen I like the way the fabric on the left picks up the golds and greens. Hmm.

On my design wall I’ve loosely laid up the blocks to the baby quilt.

It is such a fun little quilt and I’m sure it will go together quickly. There are enough sewn strips to make another center.

Thanks goodness we got a bit of a melt today and hubby and I were able to get a fair bit of ice chipped and scraped off our paths and steps. We also trimmed the big pine on the front lawn and put lights on it. Except for the extension cords, the Christmas lights are done! I like to turn them on around the 1st of December.

We are heading to Charlottetown this week for our grandson’s first birthday. Can’t wait to see him. He is very active but has his quiet moments.

I’m sending this pic to the printers as as inspiration for a new piece.


Carole @ Fresh off the Frame said...

The waterfall looks beautiful - I'm sure whatever you choose to do will look fabulous. Have you considered facing your artwork instead of binding it? Sometimes a piece does well that way, too. So many choices! ;-)
Enjoy your birthday visit! (They grow up so fast, don't they?)

Mereknits said...

Your work is beautiful Holly. I can't believe your grandson is almost 1! Have a lovely visit with him.

Sally Hurley said...

The waterfall is great. All those bindings look nice. Hard choice!