Thursday, November 9, 2017

A new trail-a little creativity.

I simply can’t help it. When the sun is shining, I’m thinking about the winds and the temperature and which trail would be best. Leading up to and following all my joint surgeries I daydreamed about the woods and river trails and now that I’m mobile I must go when I can. That means my sewing/painting time is limited.
A couple of hours sitting sketching while I nibbled on a lunch feeds my soul and thus my desire to be creative.

I try to carry the beauty and the quietness with me as I go through my days.

Sitting quietly sketching is akin to meditating, the mind is quiet, attentive to the details in the moment.


I need only refer to my journals to remember the moments.

Once back home after a couple errands, I was determined to squeeze in a little studio time.

It seems like I’m progressing at a turtle’s pace (it is my chosen totem). Using Neocolor II crayons I added some transparent color to deepen the color on the stitched monoprint. On the right side background I used a purple and a light green. On the left I used a medium blue on the fern. The color plus black stitching really makes the prints pop.

Someday I will lightly quikt it and make a pyramid bag.

Another piece that is slowly progressing is my waterfall. I finished the rocks, I think, and added more to the waterfall including a few scraps  of white lace with tiny flowers. There are only a few and one would need to be close to notice. I like the wee bit of whimsy.


Next, to finish some of the foliage, the foreground pool and a few touches here and there.

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Juanita said...

Love your waterfall!! Glad to hear you are mobile and able to get out in nature.