Friday, October 20, 2017


I’m so happy to be back in the studio! This morning, I did start a fiddlehead (from the freezer) soup and then I had my usual Friday lunch date with friends. I made a quick stop for a few groceries, hubby arrives after supper from his week away working in Sept Iles, Quebec.
The soup will be puréed with almond milk added. I picked up a fresh 12 grain bread to make a grilled cheese to go with the soup. Yum.

In the studio this afternoon I free motion stitched some confetti scraps sandwiched between layers of solvable interfacing for more foliage.

It looks like this once the Solvy is removed by soaking.

I felt I needed more shades to choose from for the more muted foliage to the left of the falls. 

I added more green in the waterfall area and I starting extending the waterfall down to the pool. More layers to come.

Tomorrow, I had thought I might hike again but I’ve decided to go to our guild UFO day which I haven’t done yet this year. Instead of a long hike, I’ll come home around 3 and get out for a walk on a close trail.

Happy weekend!


Sally Hurley said...

Fiddlehead soup. That looks delicious. What else do you put in that?

I like your foliage.

Mereknits said...

Your soup sounds delicious Holly. Your stitching again just blows me away. You are so talented my friend.