Monday, October 2, 2017

Ahike, a rope bridge, some stitching

  Recently, I’ve been discovering parts of the old Mi’kmag trail that is being developed here. It runs from Daley Point all the way to mount Carlton and is 100+ Kms. In places where there are rivers or streams the volunteers have built bridges —something I wanted to try. My husband has still been out golfing so I searched on the fb site for someone to go with me. A woman and her dogs joined me yesterday for a short hike. I was trying to get over a sore throat. 
She knows the trails well and took me to this spot called Gordon’s meadows ( my husband is named Gordon) where we ate lunch.

Before getting there I crossed over on the rope bridge further up while she walked across the shallows with her dogs.

It was fun and a bit challenging but not as hard as it might seem. I’m hoping to take my husband up next time.

I came home and stretched out with tea and a book which I’m quite enjoying.

My current socks are called Octopus’ Garden by Jenna Swanson. There are always interesting patterns going round at my knitting group.

This morning while hanging out the bedding, I noticed a woodpecker at our back birdhouse. My husband had seen it yesterday and told me how close he could get for a pic. I took a short movie too; however, I don’t know how to add it in this blog platform. Some research is needed.

Maybe he’s moving in for the winter. I do believe they stay here.

This morning I attended to some much needed cleaning and made pumpkin bran muffins. They are yummy!

That’s it for housework for the week! I like to get it over with so I can concentrate on my artwork which I did this afternoon. I spent over an hour and a half cutting the water and all the little bits on it as well as getting to a bit of the stitching.


Before finishing the length and breadth of the waterfall, I need to finish all the surrounding rocks as well as the water. I’m finding it’s still in the ugly stage and thus takes a bit of determination to get back at it. I’m hoping that it’s starting to look more like the scene but there’s still a lot more work.

I’m pretty satisfied with my Monday. I hope your day has been as productive.


pembrokeshire lass said...

Wow. Your Monday seems amazing. Loved your walk. I am hoping to do more walking around our wonderful coastline this winter! As for your socks ....& artwork ....I envy you!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Definitely a wonderful Monday for you!! Oh I love the colour of your socks, great pattern into the bargain. I haven't knitted any socks since I was in my late teens, think I may like to hunt in the drawers to see if I can find my patterns! Oh, you're a braver soul than I for doing the bridge walk!