Monday, January 2, 2017

Sunlit snow, new fiber art

We were meant to be on our way home from PEI today but plans change. We spent New Years with my daughter, her partner and baby and we had a short visit with my son and fiancé who came over for the day.  
Hubby did get to spend some quality bonding time with a snuggling baby.
But then later back at the hotel, he started coming down with a cold. We decided to check out in the morning as we wouldn't visit baby again. I did, however, spend some time at my sister's pot luck held at her restaurant. It was fun seeing everyone and all the little ones. There were 4 nieces and nephews with their partners, plus their children, a sister in law, a sister, two brothers, along with spouses and my mother wither her husband. Lots of family on the island. My mom was pretty taken with baby Ollie. She held him for some time; he seemed to calm her.
We live about 4 hours away so we'll have lots more visits. I didn't feel too badly this morning when I  arose to a beautiful winter day. day. My day has been all about balance. Hmm, I'm still searching for a word of the year, I must add that to the list.  I made banana cranberry muffins and cleaned out one drawer while they baked. Simplify is another word I think about as I clean.
Then I went for a snowshoe where I fed a few chickadees and took in the views and clear air. I love the patterns that bare branches make against the snow.
After a leisurely lunch, I took my tea into my sewing room and spent some time pulling out batiks to match some of the gelli prints I did the other day. One of my favourite things to do!
I've loosely arranged them on my wall in no real order. I'd like to get them mostly together before my surgery a week from today.
It will give me something to look at and think about during my recovery.
I think it will involve my usual black free motion outlining and then perhaps some hand stitching and embellishing. I've got some luscious fibers that I'm itching to use.
All in all it's been a good start to the new year despite coming home early. And by the way, hubby is not too sick either. It's a mild cold.


Mereknits said...

Sorry your husband is feeling ill, hope he gets better fast. So many nasty bugs going around. Looks like you had a wonderful time Holly. HUgs,

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love your photo of the bare branches against the snow. We have bare ground again so not much beauty outside here.

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm pleased you did manage one visit with baby before your husband started with his cold - hope he's well again soon. He needs to be fighting fit to take care of you after your surgery!!!

Anonymous said...

Balance was my word for 2016. I haven't settled on one for 2017....or one hasn't settled on me. It's too bad your plans were cut short but I'm happy you managed to fit so much in the time you had.