Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer days

We are in the middle of a beautiful hot sunny stretch, muggy, but at least there is relief at the beach and with the A/C in the house. I'm so grateful for both.

This is my favourite place to be at my in laws on a hot day.

I love putting my toes in the water and floating around in the gentle waves with a noodle. The water in the bay was lovely and warm on the weekend.

A little quick sketching while drying off and waiting for barbecued burgers.

In my sewing room this morning after a bit of a house clean, I started (barely) the quilting on this piece.

My aim is to finish both this and the garden piece in the next couple of weeks.

I want them done before my surgery; one might make it to a show.

The heat is really inducing growth in the garden. The tomato plants are huge.

The yellow zucchini are taking over.

The clematis has wrapped around the apple and is in full bloom.

My cosmos are just starting to bloom as well as the annual poppy sprinkled amongst them.

There's something new to see everyday.

On my way out to sock knitting this afternoon, I placed one of the glass birdbaths out the front. You can't even tell there's water in it. I wonder if the birds will use it. It adds a bit of color and whimsy at least and there is a solar light in the bottom. I'm anxious to see the glow at night.

I've got a couple of days to get into the studio and then I must pack for our weekend on PEI and for the baby shower we're doing at the cottage. We'll have some of the dad's family, our family and a few friends. I hope the weather will cooperate so the children can play and the men can golf while the shower is on.


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Jo Ferguson said...

Lots of progress and growth in many areas of your life.