Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gardening and sewing, the best of times

It's not warm and sunny, but at least the sun pokes out now and again and it hasn't rained yet today.

I spent an hour in the garden this morning after going out for a Saturday paper and gas.

I moved the rock border forward, dug up some sod, moved an astilbe and put in a new plant, a bleeding heart. Very satisfying. I won't push it, that's it for today.

After lunch, with my tea, I did a small coloured pencil sketch.

And then I headed to the sewing studio for more stitching on the garden piece. I haven't settled on the name. Dream Garden? Dreaming Garden?

I'm getting closer. When I see it on the screen, I notice spots where I want to add more stitching. The orange flowers need a darker thread and the burgundy ones need highlights.

I always love the view from my sewing machine, even, and especially the line of clothes.

The last time I worked on the dragonfly wings, I struck the wire with the needle and broke it, the wire that is, not the needle. Today, I wanted to try again.

I was quite succesful by going as slow as possible in the narrowest zig zag.

It's painstaking but it works. I'm just not sure about the thickness it gives the line. I'd like them to be more delicate. I've used the narrowest zig zag, sparsely spaced and the smallest wire I could find locally. That's the best I can do for now. I'll be away in a few weeks and will look for something.

I also played with an idea for the body wrapping a pipe cleaner with fleece and fabric which unfortunately list its iridescence when wrapped. There's always a drawback. I'm wondering if I could use starch on the unwired ones to mold them into shape. Or a white glue. Research is needed.

I'm actually sitting on my deck with my tea, the first time in a week. I'm on my own for supper. The plan is to bake salmon tips with yellow zucchini and bok choy with some fresh herbs in the little Black and Decker oven. Simple and tasty.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.



Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

If you use a washaway stabilizer and don't wash it all out you can shape the wings while wet and they will dry in that shape. The only I used was Sulky brand Solvy. I don't know if you have that available locally.

Mereknits said...

Amazing work my friend. Hugs to yo and have a great week.

Mystic Quilter said...

Nothing quite like washing drying on the clothesline, I still use one her in NZ, most folk have the metal rotary ones. Are those hostas under the tree Holly, they look so lush and green. Hope you enjoyed your supper - sounds delicious!

Jo Ferguson said...

All in all a very productive day. The garden looks wonderful and I'm loving your garden piece more and more. I like the name tangled garden. I'm not sure what gauge wire you're using but you can buy floral wire in very small gauges. I bought it to use for stumpwork.....which I still haven't