Thursday, July 14, 2016

A dragonfly emerges

Well, I can't tell you how many hours went into figuring out this one dragonfly. After many trials I've come up with something. To me it's all worth it as it's all about the process and one's absorption in it. And I have been absorbed even when I haven't physically been in the studio. The mind and the creative process have proved for me to be as good or better than pain killers.

I finally settled on a pipe cleaner coiled at the head, wrapped with yarn and then the moire strip of fabric, winding it with thread and stitching it down.

Two beads for eyes.


I've enjoyed working on this piece so much. I'm almost ready to back it and quilt it. A few ladybugs are needed.

I just centured outside to hang clothes and check plants. Wow, it is hot and muggy. Hubby is back from Labrador and plans to come home from work at lunch time. We may head to the beach. While I was watering plants and nipping buds, I spied a cricket hanging on a stalk. I ran inside for the camera thinking, oh wouldn't this be nice on my piece. Of course he left before I made it back. There's always the Internet as a resorce.

So, I stopped to take a few pics, views that you may have already seen. It excites me so as it grows! These are some of my herbs by my kitchen doorstep.

And another one of the birdbath.

The vegetables against the deck are growing and climbing. There squash, zucchini, yellow zucchini, pole beans and peas, and tomatoes all squeezed in there below the deck. In the pots are Swiss chard and peppers. No space wasted.

On the deck tomatoes are filling out and a new pot of lettuce has sprouted.

This is happiness to me.

Simple pleasures.



Sally Hurley said...

So pretty! Your hard work paid off!

Verna G said...

That is a beautiful dragonfly! Looks like the real thing.

Linda H said...

Summer days and simple pleasures! Doesn't get any better, does it? Enjoy thIs very warm day for soon it will be winter again. If only we could bottle this!
Loving your piece. I totally understand about the time that goes into a piece... Only those who do it would believe it! Lol

Mystic Quilter said...

Now where shall I begin! Your dragonfly is absolutely stunning, just a wonder, truly. Fits right in with your flower piece. Happy to read what you say about the creative process and pain meds. I agree totally, does the same for me. Your garden and pots are beautifully green, I'm quite envious and after your post I'm off into the back garden to see if my sweet peas are shooting!!

Lori S said...

That dragonfly is amazing. Time well spent!

Jo Ferguson said...

Simple pleasures are the best. The dragonfly is inspired.

Sandi said...

Your pice is looking amazing, love how you designed the dragonfly. I love stumbling along various bugs when walking along the quat gardens. Last year I took a photo of a bee and when I enlarged it and cropped I could see its tongue extending into the flower! My favourite happy accident.

Maybe a quilt one day.

Mereknits said...

Your piece is wonderful Holly, this is my favorite so far.