Sunday, April 24, 2016


I had my sinus surgery this week on Wednesday, in Moncton, a couple of hours from here. It used to be such an uncomfortable surgery (this was number 6) but they've made such advances that it was all very comfortable.

It is a short surgery, but still requires a general anaesthetic so I'm taking it easy. The hospital that is near my home is doing renovations and the noise of the continual pounding of girders has kept me from snoozing. They start at 7:00am, even on Sunday's.

Today, we visited our in laws at the beach and I went off to the front porch where I had a lovely nap with the sound of the surf in the background.

I managed a couple of short sessions in the sewing room. I really want to get this piece onto the quilting part of it.

You see the bottom left corner? It won't be staying like that. I ran out of blue and silly me I had some in my hands at the quilt shop Tuesday, and didn't think I would need it. I must call first thing in the morning to see if I can get it.

The snow is receding from our yard and my raised bed is free. Hubby came up with the idea of using the old shower doors for the top. It will help melt the ice and I'll be able to start early veggies.



Mereknits said...

Glad you are resting and taking it easy Holly. So glad that surgery is behind you and now you can heal.

Sandi said...

Love the asymmetry of having that lower left corner brings to your piece. I think you should live with it for awhile and see how you feel about it,

Glad to hear you are fee,ing better and that the snow is finally the recycling of the shower door.

Hope the construction noise dies down soon for you.

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm loving the sun prints. Keep taking time to recuperate.

Heidi said...

Yes, those sun prints are so beautiful and i love how you have set them! I agree with Sandi, the corner adds interest - maybe it will grow on you.
Hope you are feeling better than ever!

Mystic Quilter said...

Happy to hear that you're back home and taking it easy! There is nothing worse, at least in my book, than having continual building noise, we have had a similar problem around our neighbourhood. Hopefully the hospital renovations will soon be all finished and you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

sherry said...

very clever those shower doors