Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Art Quilt

It was supposed to be my yoga night with my husband to-night, but I begged off as I was feeling unwell after work. I mixed up a quick batch of guacamole--basically mashed avocado, diced tomato, seasoning and lime and ate it with baked nachos--great supper.
I rested while watching Canada win a gold medal in the women's ski cross. That got my adrenaline going! I finished the last little bit of free motion quilting on my little art quilt. It's still not finished; I want to add some more embroidered bushes and some beads. I laid a couple of blues in behind to test for the binding.

Aren't these goldfinches cute? I caught them on Sunday afternoon at my deck feeder.


Wendy said...

Oh Holly, I absolutely love this winter quilt. It reminds me of a winter night after oneof our huge storms and the weather has turned cold and windy. All the snow on the ground is blowing and swirling around giving us the appearance of another snowfall when in reality it is just what has fallen is having a real jubilee.Ah winter in New Brunswick; gotta love it. It is one of those nights when it just feels so good to be warm and cosy inside. Love the dark blue border you chose. The little light one at the outer edge is perfect as well. Did I mention that I loveit; I think it is my favorite of all you have done in the little art quilts.
Great pic of the finches!

Carol C said...

Hey, I love that quilt!!! And the guacamole sounds wonderful!!!