Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm not doing much today. It's a beautiful day though. I did my little bit of housework early - hung out the sheets, did a small wall paint patch job, and then I went to a beginner yoga with a friend.
It was good - very relaxing, but I am more sore now than when I started. It'll take time.
I had already decided to relax today. I had picked this vase of flowers the other day and I just did a quick watercolor crayon sketch of them. I did in my 5" by 7" book and therefore ended up squeezing in the lilies, so the scale is a little off. I am trying as yet to stay away from painting actual size, as I start to feel it must be realistic and I freeze up. I may be ready to go a little larger than the small moleskines and sketchbooks I've been using, but I am still trying to stay 'sketchy'. I want to stay away from realism. I get caught up in how something should look. when I look at the artwork of others, and I really like something, It is usually more abstract with colors and textures. I would like to work towards that.

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Wendy said...

There is an abundance of truth to the saying that"we are our worst critics". Your work is lovely!