Monday, August 31, 2009

cleaning day

Well, I did as much cleaning and washing of clothes as I could cram in today with a break to meet friends for coffee and get groceries. It was a great day for line drying clothes provided they were clipped good enough to stay on the line.
I spent some time auditioning a few fabrics to border my painting of the fishing shacks which I have now printed onto fabric. The colors came out really nice, but I'm not sure of the borders yet.
The next picture is of a piece of white cotton that I tried a flour paste resist on. The directions were in the Quilting Arts Mag. Feb/Mar 2008. The steps are:
1. On a padded surface (I used a board with cotton batting stapled to it) pin a piece of washed cotton.
2. Mix 1 cp water with 1 cp flour until lump free.
3. Spread onto the cotton with a wallpaper squeegee.
4. Make marks with a bamboo skewer or anything else you can think of.
5, Let dry (at least a day) and lightly crackle.
6. Paint with acrylic ink or textile paint in a dark color.
7. Let dry at least a week.
8. Soak and wash by hand, and then in the washing machine - no soap needed.
9. Dry in drier and iron.
It could be darker: I believe that the paste was a little too thick. It will be fun to experiment with perhaps a lightly colored fabric with a dark color paint. You can just make out he flower design; I will be doing something with it eventually. This is one of 3 designs. a second one with trees is very nice too. It just didn't show up as well in the picture I took.

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