Thursday, January 2, 2020

Back to some artwork

I took a little blog and fiber art break over the holidays, letting my time simply roll out doing what I felt like at the time. Getting in some real rest,  And, we were away for 4 days over Christmas spending time with my daughter and family. A 3 year old at Christmas is a joy to watch and play with! I’m not sure who was having more fun. Ollie or grampy!

We played and relaxed and didn’t even cook a turkey. I had baked a ham to take over with us and with little Ollie’s help,  made scalloped potatoes. We had some frozen lobster left over from Christmas Eve and my son and wife from Lunenburg came with a veggie lasagna. It was so different form traditional dinners but the main part was how nice it was to be together and enjoy a potluck type meal. Oh and my dil also brought an almond tart! Yummy!
We went out for walks each day under a dusting of snow on the trail near their home.

Since coming back home we’ve been relaxing, cooking easy meals, going for walks each day, and I’m happy to say, avoiding too many sweets.
Hubby moved a chair into my studio where I could sit doing hand work while watching shows on Brit Box tv. I’m now awaiting the arrival of a Roku stick which will enable me to stream Brit Box on my non smart tv in the living room. I live all those English mysteries.

I also did some regular sewing, finishing the baby quilt  for my daughter who’s expecting in 3 months.

I’ve got it 3/4 quilted, deciding to do it on my regular machine, straight stitching in the grid.. I like it’s simplicity.

I’m thinking of highlighting using a perle  cotton utility stitch.

I tied up some lose ends (literally) finishing 2 baby sweaters and a shawl.

Today, I returned to my studio finishing the free motion details on my birches and berries. When I’m working on fiber art pieces I sit at the machine that looks out the window while listening to classical music.

I’m so excited! I got it sandwiched with the batting and the backing and plan to lightly quilt it around the trees and the berries. I’m in the home stretch.

It was sunny outside the studio windows today. I’ve been out every day but not today as I wanted to get this done. The amaryllis in full bloom on my windowsill is so colourful against backdrop of  the snow outside. 

 I don’t know about you; I haven’t made resolutions for some years, often choosing a word of the year instead. I hadn’t really thought about it this year when the word center or spirals came to mind. I seem to be in a constant state of flux with my health; it’s a challenge trying to keep a balance. Sometimes I feel the circle or spiral expands when things are going well and if not, I retreat back to the center. My only plans for this year are to let this process unfold, not being hard on myself when I need to rest as I once would have done. We could be gentler with our selves and each other. 

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