Saturday, August 11, 2018

Sunshine, gardens and paint and stitch.

Some days I have ideas floating around in my head and regardless of what is lying on my machine, I just have to try them. The sun was shining this morning and after all that rain, the temperatures are more comfortable and the gardens are lush. After I got home from the market, I took my camera outside to snap a few photos. As happens every year, the scarlet runner beans are taking over the deck.

There’s is a veritable tangled garden growing along the rest of the deck. Mingling and winding their way are snap peas, morning glories, tomato’s, cucumber, Brussels sprouts, peppers and a few tomato plants.

In the raised bed, there is lettuce, carrots and broccoli and by the back door besides herbs, I have one large yellow zucchini plant.

Most of the poppies are done but I especially liked the sunny picture of this small one with the seed pods.

Using my pictures as reference I sketched a few designs on some various small pieces of fabric. With Derwent Inktense blocks I painted  the coneflower and then took them to the machine to free motion outline with black. While the black thread was on the machine, I also finished outlining flowers on a piece of flower painted canvas which I want to use to make a sketchbook holder.

I will be adding color to the poppies. I plan to use them as a front and back for a small bag.

Already I trimmed the cone flower and picked out and cut backing and lining fabrics for a small bag.

I just had to follow my creative flow but now it’s time to pack up and change. Hubby is loading the kayaks and we’re heading out for a paddle. Haven’t decided where yet. That’s what summer weekends are about.


Mystic Quilter said...

Mouth watering to see all your lovely veggies in the garden, I can almost taste them!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Seeing your garden pictures makes me almost wish we still lived where we could have one. I miss being able to step outside and pick something and eat it straight out of the garden. Or being able to pick some flowers and bring them inside to enjoy. We had both poppies and purple coneflowers then.