Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Some painting, gardening, a wedding and another afghan

I’ve been lax with my posts here. We’ve been away twice in the last couple of weeks and now I’m packing for a major (for us) trip. We’re flying to Nfld and doing a coast to coast tour by car. I'm having a lot of anxiety making sure that I’ve got all my medications filled and packed properly. Seriously, I’ve filled 2 large ziplocks. I haven’t flown in quite some time and never with my husband so it will be quite the trip for us.

This past weekend we travelled to Moncton, NB for our niece’s wedding. It was outside at a a garden and The mosquitoes were a bit of a problem. They had a table of bug sprays, lol. It was a lovely ceremony though, and short, after which we moved inside to the tent which was great.

My sons and daughter also came so it was a nice little reunion. We met at the splash pad in the afternoon for a little fun with our grandson, Ollie.

My husbands happy place.

Some of you may remember that I started crossfit (on an extremely basic level) about 3 months ago. Sticking to it hasn’t been hard because the workouts are always different and fun and I’m seeing huge improvements. This morning, I saw my doctor and she adjusted my blood pressure medication because it’s dropped so much since I started. 

The only sewing I’ve done recently are these little zipper bags that are made from vinyl lined fabric which I’ll be using on our trip.
That’s a mug rug on the bottom.

They’ll come in handy for little snacks or for keeping track of pill packs and small items.

Today, after my lunch, I took out a piece of randomly painted canvas and added some free hand flowers and the black screen print.

I’m making a couple of very simple luggage tags. This is the front and back view with vinyl on the front. I’m going to do a zigzag stitch around three sides and add heavy elastic.

This is another double stranded crocheted ripple afghan that I just finished. They are so fun I wish I could do more!

Along with all that, I’m trying to keep up with the garden and use what I can. Yesterday, I harvested  a few beans, peas, tomatoes and the yellow zucchini. I managed to use most of the zucchini.

I’m hoping a friend can use some while we’re away and not too much gets wasted. My scarlet runner beans are just getting going. I have a little rhubarb I’d like to pick and freeze and I’d like to put in lettuce seeds for the fall. We’ll see if time permits.


Angela said...

The flowers were a nice touch!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh wow! A coast to coast driving trip - that will be amazing! We drove from here (central Ontario) to BC two years ago and it was a wonderful trip. I"m going to enjoy reading about your travels across the country.