Saturday, September 16, 2017

The best kind of day--kayaking, sketching and stitching.

This morning, while hubby was golfing, I actually went kayaking along the Beresford beach and into the lagune to sketch. It's been a year since my hip replacement and 9 months since my shoulder repair. I'm so happy to finally be able to get myself in and out of the kayak!
The air was still, slightly cool and a bit hazy when I started.

It soon cleared and warmed up.

It was very calm and I paddled lazily with the tide.

I paddled along the beach, through the channel and into the lagune.

One of the best paddling days all season. Of course I say that every time, lol.

I stopped against the shore for an apple and some sketching.

Back home after lunch, I went straight to my sewing studio where I finished stitching some lace onto this piece that's been lolling about for a while.

I will trim it this week and cut a binding for it.

After lightly tacking with a basting stick all the little pieces I've been cutting for the rocky section of the waterfall piece, I finally got it to the machine and just had time to get started free motion stitching the black sections.
I've only laid out some of my thread lace to see how it might work for the water. I think it may be ok once I press it flat, shape it and stitch it down. The purple shows more than I'd like but I think will recede when I stitch more on top of it. I hope.

That was my Saturday. I'm feeling pretty lucky. I hope your weekend is going well too.

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Barbara Wise said...

what a beautiful way to spend the day. I will be checking with you soonover IG to find out how one does the thread sketching process with water soluable. If you know of a good uTube or other tut, you can let me know. bj18wise