Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Stitching foliage

As long as the sin is shining, I feel it's a priority for me to get outside. We've been very fortunate to miss the terrible weather that the hurricanes have inflicted down south so I don't want to wish for a rainy day to stay inside. I went to my first yoga class this morning in a long time-- since before all my surgeries. A gentle flow yoga. It went pretty well. On my way home I drove out to a farm and picked up some greens and a bag of garlic. 
After lunch, I went for a short walk on the trail nearby. 45 minutes. Just a short time ago I would have considered it a long walk!  I love the soft colors and textures in this fungi.
My eye is often drawn to little details such as this old stump that is gradually being reclaimed by the earth. A microcosm. I've passed this stump by many times from when it was solid and have watched it gradually being eaten and broken down into sawdust with bits of fungi and foliage growing inside it.  
While walking I'm also thinking about how I'll proceed with my latest fibre art piece. The dilemma was what to do about all the small pieces I'd cut. I decided tomstart to stitch working my way from top to bottom. I thought about tacking it all down with dabs of glue but that would be a lot of dabbing! Instead, I rolled it all as tightly as possible and clipped it. Lol. The clips are inside the rolled part below.
I started free motion stitching most of the foliage at the top of the waterfall. Nothing was pinned or fused which is totally new for me. I was holding my breath until I got going. I plan to work my way down the waterfall section and go back to add small details like thread lace foliage later.
My window doesn't look out on an ocean or large vista but I appreciate my garden view just as much. It calms me.


Kate said...

You found some real treasures, on your walk. I need to remember to take my camera on more of my walks.

Jo Vandermey said...

It is wonderful that you can now walk longer and even more enjoy the beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing the imagines

Mystic Quilter said...

What fun enjoying the peace of kayaking in calm water, it's so good to hear that you're able to begin again with the pursuits you love. Wonderful photo of the fungi and the rotting tree stump, we had one in our garden covered in fungi , now all gone! Your waterfall piece is growing, beautiful greens you've used for the foliage.