Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Little things

It's a grey wet day here today, mild at least. My deck lights that come on at dusk came on shortly after lunch. 
I spritz mopped a floor this morning, did a wash, got supper in the crock pot (two pork loins- one for us and one to slice to take for my daughter), and went out on an errand. Hubbies birthday tomorrow! We met for lunch as he had to go out to get his driver's license renewed.

 I've had the afternoon to myself and kind of hoped to do some mono printing on fabric but I got tired. Instead I sat and finished a pillowcase.

Of course, I stitched the first one backwards for the French seam. Managed to get the second one right.
These are our guild's project for the children's oncology ward.
I've just finished a pair of mitts, for me.

Since I was too tired to get set up for printing, I at least did some drawing 
 Then I cut some fabric and ironed them on freezer paper.
 Now I'm all set for some mono printing when I'm up to it.


Jo Ferguson said...

Lots of lovely little projects to keep you moving forward. The mitts are wonderful.

Mereknits said...

It sounds like you are doing fabulous Holly.