Monday, November 14, 2016

Baby quilt

In case you wonder where I've been and what I'm doing, I can say that I've been out sketching and lots of ideas are percolating.
However, my daughter is due this week and I'm just finishing the baby quilt! I got the last row on today and I cut the narrow gray borders. While I do enjoy Quilting something this size, time is of the essence so I'll send it out to a local lady.
 As I was ironing the fabric, I noticed the lights on the deck blink on. They're set to come on at dusk. It was barely 4:30.
The next month leading into the winter solstice will be like that. The lights will cheer me though and after December 28th, we start to notice the minutes of daylight added to our days.
The only leaves still clinging to the trees are the apple tree leaves. They're always the last.

Hopefully, soon I will have some time for some fiber art. It is a special week, though, celebrating my husband's birthday, awaiting our first grandchild and remembering my oldest son's birthday next week.
Happy Monday all.


Linda H said...

A great baby quilt Holly! I know how you are feeling awaiting the first grandchild.. the last few weeks seem to take FOREVER don't they?! I'll be watching for the happy announcement!

Mystic Quilter said...

Wonderful relaxing colours in the little quilt for your expected grandchild - hope you will soon be sending us a post to say "baby arrived". So dusk is now creeping in earlier and earlier, our evenings are beginning to stretch out slightly. I hope to have lights on the trellis amongst the climbing rose on our deck, I love the twinkling.

Jo Ferguson said...

It's a gorgeous quilt, Holly. Enjoy all the changes this season is bringing you.