Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Painting, quilting and wreath making

Besides generally moving about more and getting out for my walks, I have been busy! While out on a part of the trail that I hadn't seen yet, I found among other things, some Queen Anne's lace. I couldn't resist bringing a couple of pieces home. Really I'd like to press them for my Gelli plate but they're so pretty I didn't want to hide them!

Maybe I'll have to go gather a few more.

They inspired this little page with my stamped background.

My cosmos have grown about six feet tall and are still blooming, although with our cold nights, not for much longer.

My hip is getting better and better as I continue to build muscles around it. I feel like I've got my life back and want to do everything at once.

Which is why, right now, after a creatively busy day, I'm taking advantage of the still warm sun on my deck. Those days are numbered. I've got my feet up and I'm sipping tea as I write.

I've been working back and forth on these three small pieces.

The first two are Gelli prints. They're both thread sketched and free motion quilted. I want to hand embellish.

The second one still needs the black finished and I will do some handwork on it too.

This third piece is made with snippets, strips and fibers, free motion stitched under netting. The flowers are fused.

It's ready for more stitching and embellishing eventually. Maybe more dragonflies.

At the same time, I'm getting a few of my doodles ready to send off to a graphic artist (my daughter in law) who will do some Photoshop work with them.

I want to have Thermofax screens made.

As if that wasn't enough, I put together a Halloween wreath this morning. The grapevine wreath is an old one, donated and sprayed black on the weekend. The Dollar Store and Walmart were a great resource for the rest except for the Chinese lanterns which I picked.

In between all that, I managed to mix up a quick small chicken pot pie with corn bread crust. The gravy and chicken were leftover. I made it simple by stirring in some frozen veggies.

I leave you with a trail pic from yesterday.



Laurel's Stitches said...

Wow, Holly! You must be feeling much better; you are so busy! I love the drawings, doodles, and the wreath. The raven is a wonderful touch!

Enjoy that sunshine while you can; I picked the last of my tomatoes and honey dew today. That first frost is late to Winnipeg, but it is well on it's way!

Thank you for linking to The Needle and Thread Network's WIP Wednesday!

Mystic Quilter said...

You have been busy! I love the photo of the Queen Anne"s lace and the page you've created. Those foam stamps are creating lovely backgrounds.

Sandi said...

Love the Queen Anne's lace photo and sketch. I don't think I've ever noticed the pink hues before, but I also don't see a lot of it around.

Congrats on your ongoing rehab and regaining your activities back.

We're having a sunny morning after a couple of dull days. Enjoy while you can!

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm so happy to see you creating so much and enjoying this good weather. I'm loving the Halloween wreath.