Thursday, December 3, 2015

Poinsettia stamping

Yay, I settled in today to get some things done.mThis morning, since it was raining intermittently, I went out to the garden shed and put together an arrangement for my mother in law in her brass pot. We're going to deliver it tonight.

The rain has turned to light snow which will make my outdoor arrangements more festive.

After lunch, I went to the sewing room and I finally got the black outline stitching done on the second poinsettia and started the sparkly highlights.

It's really difficult to bring out the sparkle with the camera. I used Hollowshimmer. You can just see it in the top half on the lighter parts of the petals.

I'm looking forward to getting it bordered and actually making the pillows.


For some time I've been thinking about how I would make a piece of fabric with several smaller poinsettias on it, so I made a smaller craft foam stamp and gave it a try.

It's hard to tell, but it's half the size of the first stamp used for the pillows. To the rights is a piece of scrap paper that I laid under the stamp to apply the paint. Then I to re-stampd onto the paper to remove the paint. Pretty! It'll probably go in my sketchbook.

I stamped the first one and then used some paper ones to lay on top. This acted as a mask so I could use Tulip spray fabric paints. It's an experiment. I just bought them at Michael's and they're new to me.

I have the lower right corner to finish. The fabric is quite long. Once done I may cut it up and make a runner.

Time to stop and take a break!



Mereknits said...

You are amazing Holly! Everything you make is fantastic.

Jo Ferguson said...

You have as much a gift for decorating as you do for stitching. The arrangement for your mother in law is gorgeous and your poinsettias are stunning.