Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas decorating and sewing

Wow, I've been slowly chugging along thinking I'd have time for this and that when I've just realized there are 12 days left until Christmas. I have to pace myself so it's a matter of setting priorities and going with the simple things.

At least cards are off in the mail except for 2 and packages to go are done, ready for the mail tomorrow.

This morning, after wrapping the gifts for the mail. I finished putting the second poitsettia top together and sandwiched it. I quite like the more subtle green on this one.

It'll be there waiting for the quilting when I have the time. Maybe I'll get the pillows made. I'm not worried either way.

I've been decorating the little Charlie Brown Christmas tree this afternoon which I opted to put into our small dining area for a change. It's still seen when you come in the front door.

While out yesterday, I found another downed bird's nest that I'm taking as a sign. I've not found so many before. My mother in law told me that my husband's nana used to say that a nest in the Christmas tree was good luck. Let's hope it's true!

I hope you're finding small ways to be creative while also keeping things simple, taking time to enjoy the season.



Mereknits said...

I had better find myself a nest becuae I could use some good luck!
Hugs to you Holly, love your tree.

Jo Ferguson said...

I adore your tree and hopefully the nest will bring you luck.