Sunday, May 22, 2011

leisurely sunday

We had one day of sunshine and heat last week and then for a couple of days we've been plunged back into the gray cold again. Today, though the sun finally came out around noon. It warmed up some but was still pretty chilly. We sat in the sun room at the front of my in laws place at the beach and watched the swallows dipping and diving and frolicking around. I managed to catch them in one of their few still moments, but I was unable to capture the beautiful iridescent blue when the sun hits their backs.

When we came home, I felt so cheered, I picked these few first flowers from my garden and did a quick sketch. The vase is actually a stone that has a hole bored into it. I like to keep a few sprigs of something in it all summer.
Since it is our anniversary tomorrow (31 years), we went downtown to the Nectar for dinner as they're closed tomorrow due to the holiday. Gord had his favorite --the veggie burger. It came with roasted vegetables, salad and sweet pototoe fries which we shared. I had a crab cake with salad and we shared a white cake with fresh fruit and raspberry coulis for dessert.
Now I must go get the clothes off the line and head to the  tub for a nice soak with my most recent book, the Dome, by Stephen King.

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Exuberant Color said...

Happy Anniversary!!!