Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm writing to say I'm still here; I just haven't done much sewing. In between the rain this week, and we got a lot, I was outside a bit in the yard. It was mostly a rainy week though until the weekend. The rainy weather is not inspiring and I found myself to be very lazy all week. To get myself going, I started to go through my Rubbermaid boxes of fabric from my small closet in my sewing room. I've decided to stack some of the fabrics by color on the shelves. It takes up less space, is a little lighter in weight, and you can see what you have.

My husband is spending his mother's day afternoon making me another little shelf to fit underneath the one in the picture for more stacks of fabric. A lot of my fabrics I don't use anymore. It all looks very dark doesn't it? I am going to pull some out and try to sell or give it away in bags sorted by color.
Yesterday, when it looked like it truly wasn't going to rain for a while, Gord was itching to get to the driving range, so we both went for the first time this year. I'm no pro, but I did pretty well and had some nice shots. There's nothing like a photo though, to tell you that you need to lose some weight.

This afternoon, I spent a little time outside in my gardens. I knew spinach was an early crop and doesn't like the heat, but I had no idea it would grow this early up here in northern NB. We still have a patch of snow in the backyard. I planted it a couple of weeks ago and it's up. I would have taken a picture just to prove it; however, it's covered in a white mesh to keep out the ground hog. Every year I plant and some little (well actually they're pretty chubby) guy comes to eat the little sprouts. This stuff works though.

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