Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Stitching mosses, thread lace

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours cutting the rest of the leaves and most of the shadows or highlights on the birch 🌲  piece. 

Then I tacked it up onto the design wall in order to eye it over the next few days checking for anything I need to change or add. The berry stalks are Once the under-layer is done, I’ll add the leaves atop. I can’t wait to start stitching them down. 

I did a short video showing free motion stitching on the thread lace moss.

Last night I finished up the needle lace moss and cut it off of the netting.

This morning, I had an appointment with the specialist for my shoulder and my foot. She gave me a cortisone shot to  the shoulder and ordered one done in radiology for the foot.

We are expecting some snow in the next couple days, yuck, so I thought I’d better get out for a walk today. Picked up a friend and did a nearby woodsy trail. I had to push myself but I’m glad I got out. The forest never fails to relax and inspire me. It’s all about balance.

Finally, I got the piece under the needle where I temporarily removed some leaves and stitched on some black wooly texture as well as some moss.

I did a short video of free motion stitching down some moss.

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