Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hand stitching and knitting

This is my week back in hospital again for the IVIg treatments. It’s Monday to Friday and it takes about 4 hours. My husband drops me off on his way to work and picks me up around noon.  I get very whoozy from the benedryl and the Tylenol they give with it as part of the protocol and for the rest of the day I don’t do too much. Today though we went for lunch.

It’s finally warming up - the gardens are sprouting and the trees are just starting to leaf out. I find this time of year before it gets too hot is very pleasant on the deck. In summer it’s usually too warm for me.

I’ve got my knitting and a book out here with me on the swing. There is a gentle breeze and the sound of birds in the yard at the bird bath and in the nearby trees.

Finally I finished the small columbine piece, all but the binding. And the binding is made. I quilted only around the floral motifs and then added some hand stitching and  a few beads.

It’s not quite time to put the seeds in the garden. Next week. But I did put a few in the raised bed. It’s so nice to get outside again.

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