Thursday, March 7, 2019

Finishing some artwork

Although it’s beautiful and sunny - the type of day that makes one want to get out on the snowshoes -bit’s windy and cold so I opted for a swim this morning. Then I met hubby for lunch.

This afternoon, I’ve been in the studio. While I waited for the puff paint trees to dry on the cardboard backs (it could take 24 hrs), I decided to get to work on some artwork that’s been laying around waiting for a finish.

I’m hoping they’re going to work as a monoprinting motif on the chickadee piece that I’m working on. I’ve tried one on a small small piece of fabric.

I would like a few tree branches on the right side. We’ll see how the print plates work once they’re dried.

In the meantime, I cut and fused down all the pieces of the background trees to the rock cliff and added some confetti in the gold colors. When I finished, I overlaid a piece of tulle which I’ll stitch overtop and then trim around the tree shapes. I want to get that part done so I can move back down to the stitching on the rock. 

I haven’t done the black areas yet. It’s getting there though. I really need to push forward to get a couple of these pieces finished.
Finally, I feel as though I’m emerging from the hole I’ve been in for the last 4-5 months. It’s been one health issue after another. I’m getting stronger on the snowshoe trail; that’s a good sign. I’m committed to losing some weight too and I’ve managed 4lbs in the last couple weeks. Between ADD, feeling fidgety and wanting to munch all the time, and medications that cause weight gain, it’s a challenge. I need to do this.

After pinning the rock up on the design wall to contemplate, I backed this seed pod piece with interfacing and did some stitching. I haven’t touched my free motion machine in a while. I did the stems which are silk ribbon and stitched around some of the smallest seed pod.

Since I was very happy with the textures of the foam stamped pods turned, I intend to keep the stitching minimal. 
I’m feeling pretty good about myself!
Time for a green tea and a light snack.


PaintedThread said...

I enjoy all your works in progress. Those trees are pretty neat. (and I'm always partial to the chickadee)

Margaret said...

Wow! I never thought of using puffy paint for mono-printing. What little I have on hand is likely dried up. Sigh. LOVE those trees!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can hear your excitement in your voice here and that's great! It has to be a great feeling to get back to being creative. I love the thought of those trees and am pondering the possibilities of using a similar technique as a stamp.....hmmmm.....ponder....ponder.....